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Reviews of Everjoy Music, Full-Service Violin Store

"I found another trustworthy home for repairs and maintenance of my violin." by Marie M.T.

After living in the Caribbean for 5 years where I forced my violin to endure high levels of heat and humidity, the beauty of my instrument became dull and lost behind layers of melted rosin and sweat. Being new to SoCal, I didn’t know who I could trust with such a big cleaning job before finding Patrick at Everjoy Music. Before I met Patrick, I was partial to a luthier who I’ve always gone to for repairs who can only be found in Chicago. But I needed someone now and Patrick immediately made me feel at ease and reassured me that...

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"An amazing experience!" by Henry Bui

The store owner Patrick is very nice and helpful. His experience and knowledge of string instruments is sure to impress you and is sure to help you find the instrument and accessories that fits you. The instructor Alan makes learning very fun and has been very important in my rapid development. An amazing experience and I would definitely recommend others to come here.

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"Give Everjoy a shot!" by Catherine K.

I was in a pinch, my bow had exploded while playing due to a serious weevil munching after a period of disuse. The local violin shop was moving just at the wrong moment and it was SATURDAY. What's a poor fiddler to do? After scouring the local landscape and even leaving a VM with a well-known violin maker in Pasadena, Everjoy Music popped up in my online search. Music stores that cater at all to the strings (and here, I DON'T mean guitars), are nearly non-existent. I called, they are just minutes from me, in Irvine, it turns out. Patrick...

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"Fantastic!" by Alyssa C.

Fantastic! I can't recommend this place enough. The man who owns it is so kind and knowledgeable, he is clearly experienced and a musician himself. I am a cellist and I was looking for a place focused on string instruments for a new bow. He didn't just tell me what bow is nice, he brought out a cello and let me try them out...

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"Good price for high quality instrument!" by Kai D.

Nice Shop keeper give me a lot of recommendations but did not push me on buying books or instruments. You can rent 9 months and if you want to buy a violin, that cost applies.

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