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"I found another trustworthy home for repairs and maintenance of my violin." by Marie M.T.

After living in the Caribbean for 5 years where I forced my violin to endure high levels of heat and humidity, the beauty of my instrument became dull and lost behind layers of melted rosin and sweat. Being new to SoCal, I didn’t know who I could trust with such a big cleaning job before finding Patrick at Everjoy Music. Before I met Patrick, I was partial to a luthier who I’ve always gone to for repairs who can only be found in Chicago. But I needed someone now and Patrick immediately made me feel at ease and reassured me that he would undoubtedly be able to bring my violin back to life. I can honestly and happily report that Patrick was good on his word. Given the magnitude of the job, he was extremely efficient with time and he definitely brought back my violin’s warm color and original luster. Together with a string change to my favorite Evah Pirazzi’s, a sound post adjustment and a newly dressed fingerboard, my violin is the best it has ever sounded! I am also tremendously pleased with the bow rehair. My overall experience at Everjoy was excellent on all levels of professionalism, expertise, care and affordability. Thanks to Patrick at Everjoy Music, I’ve come to thoroughly enjoy playing my violin again and found another trustworthy home for repairs and maintenance.

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