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"Give Everjoy a shot!" by Catherine K.

I was in a pinch, my bow had exploded while playing due to a serious weevil munching after a period of disuse. The local violin shop was moving just at the wrong moment and it was SATURDAY. What's a poor fiddler to do? After scouring the local landscape and even leaving a VM with a well-known violin maker in Pasadena, Everjoy Music popped up in my online search. Music stores that cater at all to the strings (and here, I DON'T mean guitars), are nearly non-existent. I called, they are just minutes from me, in Irvine, it turns out. Patrick took in both my bows for a reasonable fee, I picked up new strings and was on my way with a loaner bow so I could play while my how's were away! The loaner was very playable, btw. Basic rehair was terrific...

When I picked up my bows, I was curious about their line of affordable violins and cases, which were very tempting. I had Patrick evaluate my fiddle and he suggested several repairs and tonal adjustments to optimize its sound and even correct things that had gone out of adjustments. Since I had pretty much ignored any maintenance to it for the last thirty years I later brought it back for that work. Wow! What a difference! Volume and sweetness were dramatically improved and he even went back and forth with tiny sound post adjustments so I could choose the sound detail I liked best. In the end, I relied upon his better hearing and appraisal to keep a nice even tonality rather than having a more splashy A.

I highly recommend Patrick and Everjoy for any string service/maintenance or repair you might have. His customer service is terrific along with a great sense of humor and a lot of expertise, info and sound advice minus high pressure tactics. I actually looked forward to seeing him each time; he is really quite delightful to talk to and very engaging. Turned out he even knew where I had gotten my fiddle, and the luthier, now past, who sold it to me some thirty years before. Pretty cool.

Give Everjoy a shot. Their line of violins are also super playable and sound great for being so affordable. Wished I had such a nice little instrument when I was just starting off, before the earth's crust was fully cooled.

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