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Reviews of Everjoy Music, Full-Service Violin Store

"Professional, Compassionate, Friendly and Genuine Care." by Ynnij J.

I have not been playing my violin for some years and the violin had been neglected for almost 10 years. After a random search online, I took it in to have it re-stringed, but ended up walking out of the store with a brand new, beautiful violin with beautiful sound.The plaza the store is at is a quiet, office park / commercial plaza with ample parking. The interior of the store is very cleanly kept, quite modest, completely without clutter. Upon walking in, I was greeted immediately by Patrick. I simply love his lively and cheerful energy. He took a...

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"Saved my day!" by Matthew R.

Amazing services. My viola broke right before an important graduate school audition, and they fixed it as fast as possible (unheard of) as well rehaired my bow, tonal adjustment (their specialty) and fixing my sound post. Prices were extremely reasonable, and the friendly attitude of the luthier who fixed my instrument really calmed me down from this terrible situation. They really saved the day, and I will not go to anyone else for my viola needs as long as I live down here.A+.

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"A great place for violin repair and tuneup." by Sunny C.

This is my first time using Everjoy Music to repair and tuneup my violin. After 15 years of neglect, all the strings on my violin are rusted and when I try to change the strings, the sound post fall off. Patrick expertly explains what has happened and what needs to be adjusted. After only 5 days, the sound post, bridge, tailpiece were adjusted and the surface was cleaned. The violin seems to get a new life. He also suggested a great bow to replace my (embarrassingly) viola bow. I have such a great experience that I highly recommend Everjoy Music...

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"Great place for violin repair!" by Jeffrey L.

I played violin in several groups during high school, but never took the time to have it repaired or cleaned properly and always changed my strings myself.. After not playing for several years while in college and grad school, I moved back home to Southern California and joined two local orchestras. I noticed my violin was badly stained, my bridge was beginning to warp, my bow needed rehairing, and my pegs kept slipping- it was time to have a professional take a look at it. I did some research and remembered I had heard good things about Everjoy, and after...

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"Repair with lots of selections for violin needs!" by Jason B.

Finding good violinists is a challenge. I recently moved to Southern California and my hunt originally led me to a man that did more harm than good to my violin. In order to repair the damage done to my violin, I went to Patrick at Everjoy Music. Patrick fixed my soundboard, recommended and installed new strings, in addition to optimizing the sound. He also offers lessons. All of the services he provides are at a reasonable price and I will be going to him for all my violin needs. Everjoy also stocks all accessories and sheet music that a student...

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