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"Professional, Compassionate, Friendly and Genuine Care." by Ynnij J.

I have not been playing my violin for some years and the violin had been neglected for almost 10 years. After a random search online, I took it in to have it re-stringed, but ended up walking out of the store with a brand new, beautiful violin with beautiful sound.

The plaza the store is at is a quiet, office park / commercial plaza with ample parking. The interior of the store is very cleanly kept, quite modest, completely without clutter. Upon walking in, I was greeted immediately by Patrick. I simply love his lively and cheerful energy. He took a look at my beat-up violin and went over item by item what needed to be done to make it playable. He suggested purchasing a new violin in such a careful manner - no pushy sales here - but before that, he asked me if the violin presented any sentimental value to me. I very much appreciated this questions and it showed that he truly cared about my desires and needs.

I decided to purchase a new violin instead on my own accord - again, Patrick was not pushy at all and more than willing to work with my needs. He asked me what price range I was comfortable with and showed me two that was within the range. He even played it for me so that I can focus and listen to the sound and determine the one that resonated with me.

He was very attentive throughout the whole experience. He made sure the violin was tuned properly, wiped it all down gently, then cleaned my horribly maintained bow. Everything I owned was of quite cheap quality including the resin (I did not have much to spare when I bought my previous violin). Understanding that I was already extending my monthly budget, Patrick kindly gifted me with a very nice resin and a cleaning cloth. Those items may not cost tons, but his considerate gesture really made me a loyal customer already.

I love that EverJoy focuses on strings and carry quality string instruments, but what really sets this place apart is professional, compassionate, friendly and genuine care Patrick showed me. I will be going back there for violin lessons when I receive my tax return. HAHA. :). I ALREADY LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE!

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