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"Pleasant Encounter!" by H. Huang

My first encounter with Everjoy Music is an absolute pleasant one. I brought in two violins with different ages and conditions, one nearly 150 years old with quite a few dry cracks and the other, young and tense, but not without any potential. After the owner Patrick's artful repairs and adjustments, as if went through the dramatic make-over, my two violins became so responsive and so effortless to play that they are truly singing instruments now. Instrument repair not only requires technical precision and skills, but artistic devotion. Patrick Tsai, the owner of the store, has the perfect combination of the two qualities, plus an easygoing personality. He takes time to explain in details to me why and what can and should be done to the instruments to bring their distinguished tones out. He meticulously worked on my violins without any compromises and kept me posted with the progress. He wanted the instruments to be in perfect condition as if they were his own creation; therefore, he put in extra efforts and his charge is very reasonable. His work ethics is highly commendable and won my ultimate admiration. I don't have any reservation to recommend him to anyone who is looking for trustworthy services.

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