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"Very Satisfied!" by Satisfied Customer

My family and I have been very satisfied with over 3 years of service from Everjoy music. We started with the rental option for my childrens' viola and violin instruments. We decided to stay with Everjoy since my kids were pleased with both the quality of the instruments they had chosen and the teachers they were then working with. Everjoy also has a great program where a portion of instrument rental can go towards an instrument purchase. As my son has grown he has since upgraded his viola with Everjoy and is thrilled with his new purchase. (Everjoy also has a program where part of a prior purchase can go towards a new purchase.) Both the owner and my son's teacher helped guide us through this major purchase. They really try to help you stay within your budget, yet get the best instrument possible for the ability of your musician. Everjoy is always very fair, most helpful, and patient, through all of our musical changes. My kids and I feel we can always ask questions to the owner or their teachers, and always get helpful answers. This help isn't only for questions on instruments, but also help as the kids get new pieces of music through their school orchestras, or decide to work on try out pieces for the various competitive orchestras around. At Everjoy, there is a yearly recital, but the emphasis is fun!! The kids stress out enough with their school orchestras and competitions!! Thank you Everjoy for being there to help our kids - find the joy in music!! (The instrument, the instructor, the music, the fun!)

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