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"Pleasantly Thrilled!" by melinda

Recently, I decided to learn to play the viola after having played the violin since I was a child. Being an older adult with limited time to practice, I wasn't sure it would be something I would stick with, so I didn't want to spend a lot of money on my viola. But, having owned and been very pleased with Christino violins in the past, I decided to purchase the entry level, Christino Prelude viola from Everjoy Music. I ordered it online on a Sunday, and first thing Monday morning, Patrick Tsai, the owner of Everjoy, called me to confirm my order. When my viola arrived, I was amazed at the beautifully flamed wood and perfectly applied varnish, along with the high quality craftsmanship and excellent setup. In appearance, the viola looked like a much more expensive instrument. But, when I played it right out of the case, THAT is when I was truly amazed. Even being brand new, the Prelude arrived at my door (almost) in tune, with a beautiful viola tone and playability that I really wasn't expecting from an entry level instrument. I can't say enough for this viola. I am MORE than pleased with it and the service I received from Patrick and Everjoy Music. I highly recommend Everjoy Music and the Christino line of musical instruments to everyone. I am enjoying playing my new Christino Prelude viola so much, now it's difficult finding time for my violins!

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