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violin for students

Christino Prelude SE Violin

  • 100% handmade, the Christino Prelude SE Violin is a step up from the Christino Prelude Violin, specially selected from the top 5% of Prelude instruments and setup at a higher level of quality.
  • The violin is easy to play and has a clear and responsive tone that teachers would recommend for their students. 
  • The instrument has a reddish brown varnish, with nice flamed maple back, ribs, and scroll. A beautiful instrument that one will cherish for life!
  • Professionally setup at the Everjoy Music workshop in Irvine, CA with Thomastik Vision or Dominant violin strings, high quality ebony parts, French bridge, and carbon fiber tailpiece integrated with four fine tuners.
  • Each instrument is tested by an in-house violinist before shipping to ensure tonal quality and playability.
  • Want to purchase it with a bow and a case? Save $55 and receive free accessories as gifts by buying the Christino Prelude SE Violin Outfit.

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