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blue lightweight violin case with hygrometer

Christino Lightweight Oblong Violin Case

The Christino Lightweight Oblong Violin Case is the lightweight version of the Christino Oblong Violin Case, with the full size case weighing in at 5 pounds. The case is made of multi-layered protective plywood and foam, by black cordura fabric with brown trim. Detachable straps allow the case to be carried over one shoulder or as a backpack, while the leather handle and subway strap are designed for hand carrying. The latching mechanism requires only one hand for operation. The case also has a full-length zippered music storage pocket.

The velvet interior, available in blue, brown, burgundy, and green, features suspension cushioning, a matching blanket, a Velcro neck anchor strap and a separate Velcro strap for holding a shoulder rest, a large accessory compartment, and four bow spinners. This case includes a hygrometer for the monitoring of humidity to keep your violin safe. A velvet-covered foam insert is included for use with 3/4 size violins. The full size case weighs 4.8 pounds.

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