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"Spacious studio, good stock of instruments & accessories!" by Violin Enthusiast

As a violinist, I can usually find whatever I need at Everjoy Music. The store stocks just about every brand of string I've ever heard of, as well as other accessories such as shoulder rests, metronomes, cases, etc. The shop also has a wide selection of instruments and bows; I've bought a few violin bows there, a violin and a case and have been very happy with them. What really sets this store apart from the others is its large square footage. There is plenty of retail area and several individual music rooms on the upper floor. The entire studio is very spacious, very clean and bright. It's a joy to visit and to talk violins with the owner. Although he's not a violinmaker per se, he has excellent knowledge of stringed instruments and is a violinist himself. He does do tonal adjustments, and I've had my violin tone adjusted by him several times. I visit Everjoy Music for all my violin needs or whenever I feel like talking music with a fellow violin lover. I highly recommend this shop.

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